The Biden campaign is terrified that old Joe will fall again

In in the present day’s version of tales that may disappear as soon as it is too late to exchange Joe Biden, the far-left web site Axios reviews that the White Home is terrified that its weak fraud will stumble and fall once more.

“At a time when voters are expressing deep issues in regards to the 80-year-old president’s age and health for workplace,” Axios reported, a report“The Biden crew is taking further steps to stop him from tripping in public — as he did in June, when he tripped over a sandbag on the Air Pressure Academy,” he added.

Bear in mind the header Biden delivered on the Air Pressure Academy? That was hilarious. He wasn’t damage, so it is okay to snort at him. And I laughed, I did.

So what does this vibrant, wholesome, sturdy, masculine president achieve this that he can stroll with out falling? Oh, , the same old issues that people who find themselves in excellent form and well-suited for the exhausting work of working a rustic do… He wears tennis sneakers, works with a bodily therapist to enhance his stability, and takes the brief stairs to get out and again onto Air Pressure One.

Does anybody else scent BS right here? As a result of I scent some BS. Axios reported, surely, after all, that Biden “typically wore tennis sneakers to keep away from slipping.”


Why does Biden must put on tennis sneakers to keep away from slipping? All varieties of gown sneakers present the identical traction as tennis sneakers. There is no such thing as a purpose for Biden to put on tennis sneakers to keep away from slipping. He is the boss. Should put on gown sneakers with rubber soles. My guess — and that is only a guess — is that Biden is just too weak to deal with the burden of any type of gown shoe. As his bodily situation deteriorates, tennis sneakers enable him to stroll higher, increase his toes higher, and keep away from one other header. The one query now’s who to tie these tennis sneakers to?

Man alive, Axios is a rubbish web site. That is my favourite a part of the Axios article: “Usually, with out context, Republicans have used movies of Biden wanting confused about the place to go after speeches to lift extra questions on his age.”

With out context. Ha-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha! What context does it take to observe a frail previous man staring out into the horizon along with his mouth half-open and having no thought what to do subsequent? Ah, sure, if solely we knew the entire reality, If we had a full context, We knew Biden was fantastic, and that it was completely regular for somebody standing on a podium to the free world to stroll out so somebody may wipe their chin.

the outlet It additionally reviews: “Democrats, together with some within the administration, are terrified that Biden will take a foul fall — with a nightmare state of affairs of that occuring within the weeks earlier than the November 2024 election.”

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Now, let me guarantee you that if Biden will get to the end line for the nomination, any and all tales like this can disappear instantly, solely to get replaced by pretend information shops like Axios “elevating questions” about former President Trump’s psychological and bodily well being. being.

The pretend information media is now discussing Biden’s weak spot solely to 1) push Biden out of the race and a couple of) as a canopy to allow them to declare they reported Biden’s declining well being when folks begin complaining in regards to the upcoming cover-up of those self same well being points.

Pretend media is as predictable as it’s shameless.

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