People are finally listening to what border communities have said for years because big Democratic cities feel it

On CNN’s “The Lead” broadcast on Thursday, Democratic Rep. Henry Cuellar mentioned President Joe Biden’s transfer to construct some sort of wall on the border, saying that “now that it is New York, now Chicago, now that Washington, D.C.,” after seeing what… “We have felt it for a few years,” now these cities need to management the border, and New York and Illinois “have an even bigger megaphone than a few of us right here on the border.”

After stating that the Biden administration wants to indicate people who find themselves being deported, however is not going to accomplish that out of concern of angering immigration advocates, Cuellar mentioned: “So, once more, immigration advocates, with all due respect, it is a stakeholder. However What in regards to the women and men in inexperienced? What in regards to the border communities, extra importantly? We’re right here within the border communities, and I am in Laredo, individuals inform me we have now to do one thing in regards to the border. And my district is 80% Hispanic, and so they’re saying, management “That border. Now that New York, Chicago, and Washington, D.C., have seen what we have felt for a few years, now, that voice in regards to the necessity of border management is amplified, as a result of the mayors of New York and the governor of New York, Illinois, have an even bigger megaphone than a few of us right here on the border.”

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