GOP senators remain silent on Biden's impeachment investigation

On FNC’s “Life, Liberty, and Levin” broadcast this week, Peter Schweitzer, a New York Occasions bestselling writer, senior contributor to Breitbart Information and president of the Authorities Accountability Institute, mentioned it was a “nationwide shame” that Republican senators had been silent on the investigation Accountability within the Home of Representatives. To President Joe Biden.

“Why are there no efforts I hear about within the US Senate to encourage impeachment or an impeachment inquiry by Republicans,” anchor Mark Levin mentioned. The overwhelming majority of Senate Republicans, together with the Senate management, why are they so silent?

“It is actually a nationwide shame,” Schweitzer mentioned. “There’s a number of proof of what Biden did. How they arrange this influential scheme operation. That is important to the articles of impeachment that they had been making ready, and the concept international powers are directing or manipulating our president or… “Controls or influences him in a technique or one other, that’s exactly the explanation behind an impeachment inquiry. Nevertheless, the US Senate has remained silent.”

He added: “You need to have a look at Mitch McConnell, who’s the Republican chief within the Senate. It has been there for a very long time. One of many causes they do not need to have a dialog about Chinese language affect in america, which is that China is shopping for up American politicians as a way to curry favor with them, is as a result of Mitch McConnell in my view is quantity two on the checklist of American politicians who’ve been compromised by China. “Joe Biden is first, and Mitch McConnell is second, by a small margin.”

“The Mitch McConnell household was basically created by the Chinese language authorities to make large quantities of cash within the world delivery enterprise,” Schweitzer concluded, “The Chinese language authorities is financing the development of cargo ships. They’re constructing them. They’re offering the crews and providing the contracts. Mitch McConnell is aware of that if he steps on Beijing’s ft “Any manner, to their anger, the Chinese language communist authorities might destroy the household enterprise in a single day. So Mitch McConnell is out of self-preservation, not the nation’s greatest pursuits, as soon as this concern goes away.”

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