Biden is building part of the wall "for political advantage," and he's suing Abbott for doing the same

In a Friday broadcast of Fox Information Channel’s “America’s Newsroom,” Mayor Joel Villareal of Rio Grande Metropolis, Texas, stated that President Joe Biden’s plans to construct a part of the border wall are “for political expediency,” and indicated that the Biden administration is elevating… Lawsuit in opposition to the Governor of Texas. Greg Abbott (R) “to construct a barrier when President Biden does the identical” and argued that the components of the wall the administration is constructing will not really assist with the present inflow.

“President Biden lied to the American folks, as a result of if reminiscence serves me proper, he is not going to construct one other foot of border wall, and but right here we’re, for political expediency, President Biden is constructing a border wall,” Villareal stated. , President Biden is constructing a border wall. Now, he ought to by no means have taken a place in opposition to the border wall, as a result of in keeping with CBP, there are sections alongside the two,000-mile southern border the place a wall could be helpful. And really, put that In thoughts, border communities are in favor of securing the border. The query is solely how, what’s that right combination of personnel, infrastructure and expertise? However, accordingly, while you have a look at President Biden’s 180-degree flip, it begs the query, why this charade? Why Suing Governor Abbott for constructing a barrier whereas President Biden is doing the identical? Discuss hypocrisy at its finest.

Villarreal additionally stated that the a part of the wall the administration is constructing “won’t assist as a lot because the inflow of refugees, as a result of in these influxes, folks give themselves up by the 1000’s.” So, will this assist so far as streaming? The reply is not any.”

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